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Design and Development


Plascraft personnel have been providing EMI Solutions as well as EMI Filters and Suppression Components in the Selby and Booyses Facilities in Johannesburg since 1973, as a result of the Introduction of TV in South Africa and the ensuing EMI Regulations. To date well over 20 Million of these units have been produced using Locally Manufactured Capacitors and Inductors . An EMI measurement facility has been established to measure to C.I.S.P.R Standards.

Measurements are done from 150 Khz to 30 Mhz using a L.I.S.N and From 30 to 300 Mhz using an MDS clamp.

EMI Products are produced to IEC Standards.

These designs and components have provided turnkey solutions for our Customers to enhance their product's functionality , safety and the environmental harmony of electronic products used in domestic , marine , military, industrial and automotive sectors.

AUTOMOTIVE SUPPRESSORS AND NOISE FILTERS These components are used to prevent interference from automotive engines and accessories from affecting Radios , On-board Computer equipment, High Performance Car Sound

Systems and any other electronic equipment installed in motor vehicles. Noise Filters and A-line Chokes are available up to 30 Amps, Automotive Suppression Inductors, filters and Capacitors are available in a large variety of configurations. A technical document on vehicle noise suppression is available in the Plascraft EMI SOLUTIONS Catalogue.

MAINS FILTERS . These units are used to suppress electrical

equipment that generate Electro Magnetic Interference. Selection of the correct units allow the equipment to comply with the C.I.S.P.R Standards.They are available in Metal Box and Plastic Housing Construction with a variety of Circuit configurations and terminations. Rated at 250 Volt AC and in Current Ratings up to 25 Amps. EMI Attenuation in 3 performance Levels are available.

CAPACITOR NETWORKS are used for EMi Suppression where low noise levels are generated.. They are available in Plastic Box Construction with Flexible Leads. Operating Voltage is 250VAC. A variety of Terminals are available for

connection to equipment and Self healing , X Type and Y Type Safety Capacitors are used for additional safety and performance.