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Supprescraft Suppression components have  been manufactured  for the South African electronics industry  since 1974. Based in Booysens, south of Johannesburg, Plascraft  has made significant investments in manufacturing technology and equipment in order to remain competitive in this high volume, high technology market. Driven by customer requirements for quality, Plascraft is able to offer product manufactured to IEC specifications, competitively priced by world standards - even on small quantities of custom manufactured components.



Plascraft is the exclusive local assembler of metallised capacitors, inductors, suppression devices, surge protection devices and mains filters and also provides a unique design service for interference suppression. Geared to the unequalled support of Southern Africa's original equipment manufacturers, the company has invested significantly in both equipment and technology in order to keep abreast of the latest international developments in electronic components.


Plascraft aims to achieve and maintain a standard of product quality and innovation that will meet the requirements of the electrical, electronic and telecommunications industries for performance, reliability and cost efficiency - today and into the 22nd century.


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