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Mettalised Polyester capacitors Boxed, Dipped and Miniature.

Interference Suppression Capacitors X2, Y2, X2 Flexible Lead, X1. 3 Phase Networks and XY Combinations.

Snubber Capacitors, RC-Networks


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Toroidal Cores: Iron Powder and Ferrite.

Intereference Suppression Inductors Toroidal: Single wound, Common Mode ,Dimmer coils

Switch Mode Power Supply Inductors: Output Chokes, Rod Chokes

Bead chokes, Rod Chokes, Air Core Coils, RF Coils

Ferrite Transformers E,EF, ETD, RM, Pot Core.

Current Transformers Toroidal of Ferrite and Silicon Iron Cores


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Metal Oxide Varistors. MOVs 7mm,10mm,14mm,20mm, 32mm, 40mm.

MOVs with Integrated Thermal Disconnects.

Surge Arresters  (Lightning Protection Units) . Single Phase , 3 Phase

Surge Filters: Metal Box types, Plastic Housing Types , Single Pi, Double Pi and Plug in Types.

LED Lighting Surge Protectors and Surge Filters for Led Lighting Fixtures and Quality of supply problems


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Automotive Suppressors: Capacitors, Chokes, A-Line Chokes, Noise Filters and Protection Filters for onboard equipment.

Mains Filters to reduce  EMI .

EMI and Radio Interference Testing services.

EMI and Mains filter design services

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Surge Protection Products assembly.

PC Board Assembly (Through Hole) of SMPS , and Mains and Surge Filters.

Cut and Terminate wires

Encapsulation of Components or component Assemblies